Reforestation and a Fence of Skis

The kids planting a Ponderosa Pine seedling

My kids planting a Ponderosa Pine seedling

The High Park Fire was the most destructive fire in Colorado history until three weeks later when Colorado Springs burned in the Waldo Canyon Fire. Yesterday, the forest service had about 100 people more than expected show up to help plant new trees at campgrounds in the High Park Fire burn area along the Cache La Poudre River. The Lower Narrows campground where we were assigned, was badly burned all around the edges, but must have been protected with fire retardant in the center.

Forest service cakes

Yummy forest service cakes

More than 450 trees and shrubs were planted yesterday in this one National Public Lands Day effort. I know there were events all over the country. I wonder how many trees and shrubs were planted nationwide?

After the morning’s work, everyone went up to the Mountain Park campground where the forest service served hot dogs, coleslaw and cake for the volunteers. There was a fun scavenger hunt with prizes for the kids, and a brass band for the enjoyment of all.

Kids play along Poudre River

Kids’ island (lower right), burn area looks golden in evening sun (upper left)

We went back to the Lower Narrows campground after the party, where we camped in a beautiful campsite right on the river. A couple of other Webelos from my son’s scout den and their dads came up to camp with us . All the kids rock-hopped across a section of the river to an island formed by rocks and covered with ash washed up from the fire. There they played all evening until after dark, when of course we had s’mores. I guess it’s nice to car camp once in a while.

Fence made of skis

My daughter gets a closer look at a fence of skis

This morning the kids went right back to their island after breakfast, leaving the adults to chat around the fire and relax for a while before packing up. On the way home, we passed a fence made of skis. I just love to see creative uses of old, unwanted materials of any kind. Plus, this fence is just cool. So of course, I had to do a u-turn, stop the car, and get out to take a picture. I guess stopping to look at a fence made of skis is almost as good as smelling the roses.

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3 Responses to Reforestation and a Fence of Skis

  1. It’s a good day if you see something that compels you to turn the car around to get a picture! ~ Kat

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