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Raising Cyborgs

This is the second of a three-part series I am writing on technology addiction. Part I focuses on technology addiction in adults. This post, Part 2, focuses on technology addiction in children. Part 3 will focus on how we can … Continue reading

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Leave No Trace

Last week my son developed a PowerPoint presentation on Leave No Trace (LNT) principles and presented it to his Webelos den (Cub Scouts). He had a lot of fun adding pictures, sound effects, and motion to the presentation. The result … Continue reading

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Get a Grip!

While poking around online last week, I ran across a sponsor logo for ICESPIKE. I was not familiar with the product, so I clicked on the logo and went to the website. After reading the rave reviews, I ordered enough … Continue reading

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Stop, Think, Observe and Plan

Earlier this week, two backpackers were rescued in Glacier National Park after five extra nights in the backcountry. This article, Missing Hikers Were Well Prepared, describes their ordeal and how they used “situational awareness” to stay safe. The term situational … Continue reading

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Holy Rock Formations, Batman!

The aptly named Lumpy Ridge in Estes Park, Colorado is a popular climbing area. The rock formations on this ridge have colorful names like Checkerboard Rock, The Needles, and Observatory Dome. The most prominent of all of the formations is … Continue reading

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I Walk Slow

“I walk slow. I walk slow. Take my hand, help me on my way.” Lovers’ Eyes, Mumford & Sons When I’m out hiking or backpacking with my kids, I am often stopped by people who ask me how I got … Continue reading

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My Technicolor Dream

My dream for the next three to five years is big. It’s beyond big. It’s humongous. At least it seems that way to me. Life is so busy already just trying to keep up with work and all the kids’ … Continue reading

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